Smart Nutrition Store

The Nutrition Store, your one stop shop for all things Nutrition! Inspired by nature and a natural approach to health, we’re dedicated to providing you with top quality, natural health and wellbeing products. Nutrition can be a minefield, our aim is to make this easy for you by providing advice on the appropriate use of vitamins and supplements directly from our nutritional therapists.



Key Challenges

  • One click user experience to smooth checkout and customer interations.
  • Manage multi-website inventory from centeralised admin system.
  • Required smart or personalised recommendation system to convert more sales.
  • Bulk order processing, packinging, shipping labels and shipping.
  • Smart inventory system to keep accurate inventory on shelf during festival seasons.

Our Solutions

  • Designed and developed user friendly multi-website store managed by centeralsed admin system.
  • Automated inventory management system to upload single inventory for all websites.
  • Developed AI based smart recommendation engine which shows best relevant products to visitor to convert more sales.
  • Developed automation system to process bulk orders in single click, which reduced a lot of manual efforts and time.
  • Provided machine learning based solutions to predict future sales insights using historical data to avoid under or over inventory on shelf.