Cognitive Document Automation

There is 43% of automation potential for Insurance and Finance industries. Insurance companies have been facing the competing requirements of improving profitability while delivering world-class customer service. Still Insurance Companies still extensively use a lot of manual paperwork. Organisations want to make document-based processes more efficient by automating the acquisition, understanding and integration of the documents and information contained in them.



Key Challenges

  • The insurance industry runs on vast amount of data, dealing with multiple formats which include both paper and electronic documents.
  • The manual effort to extract information from these documents and different data sources is not only considerable but also costly and prone to errors.
  • Besides issuing policies and processing claims, there are tons of backend processes which are manually intensive, time-consuming, repetitive and prone to errors.
  • It is a challenging task for a company to scale with these inefficient manual processes.

Our Solutions

  • Cognitive Vision approach identify the Region of Interest in the documents.
  • Automation powered by Deep learning techniques, helped to achieve accurate and cost effective solution.
  • Rather than traditional conditional approaches, the solution focus on self improving system for identifying document formats.